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We understand that real estate matters are of paramount importance given their significant costs and often complex nature. At Popovici Chouliareas we are here to assist you with all of your real estate needs, residential or commercial. We will ensure that your legal matters are addressed using a precise and detailed approach, fully aligned with your needs.

Some of the ways our team of experts will help you:


Guide you towards the best next steps in your legal matter


Ensure your legal rights are always protected 

Ensure your legal documents are correct and accurate


Avoid unnecessary legal costs

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Mr. Popovici practices in Business Law, Commercial and Real Estate Law and Contracts Law. He has earned his Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor degrees from University of Montreal.

His passion of entrepreneurship led him to launch the firm in 2014. Through his excellent negotiation skills, his attention to detail and unparalleled client devotion, he has successfully assisted his clients with all their legal needs. ​

Calin Popovici, B.A., LL.B., J.D.



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What our real estate lawyers can do for you


Negotiate, Draft & Review Commercial Leases


Assist with Acquisition &

Disposition of Assets


Settle Disputes & Latent  Defects


Construction Disputes