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Running your business is time consuming. Having to deal with your business’ corporate requirements can sometimes be outright impossible. At Popovici Chouliareas our approach is simple: you focus on your business while we take care of the legal stuff.


We offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Corporate Minute Book

  • Corporate Maintenance

  • Business Registration of foreign entity

  • Business Registered Agent

  • Liquidation and Dissolution of a Corporation

  • Revival of a Corporation


1. Is a corporation required to have a minute book?


Yes. Every corporation is required to have a minute book, as it is the permanent record of the corporation’s life.


2. What is corporate maintenance?


Corporate maintenance refers to the filing of the annual declarations with the appropriate government agencies. It also covers the drafting of the corporate annual resolutions and minute book update.


3. What is a business registered agent?


Acting as your corporation’s registered agent, our office will become your corporation’s domicile in Québec. We will act as your point of contact with government agencies and corporate registries. We will also handle all your correspondence, ensuring that all filing deadlines are respected.

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